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On this page you'll find novels with a more modern theme, set in more current times, where you can read the first chapter of each book and click on the Amazon button that will take you to, where you can purchase the book in Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover formats (subject to availability).

Fat One
I'll Take the Fat One

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

In this tale, C.D. Shelton combines his passion for story telling and his knowledge of how our bodies work metabolically, in a fascinating story of finding one’s true-self. The book is written in an easy and entertaining manner.

The self-help part of this book brings awareness as to how you can lose weight and keep it off. You’ll learn about the glycemic index and how it will help you determine which foods are good or bad. You’ll also learn about: How you can live longer and have a healthier life; Anti-oxidants and how they can help you avoid illnesses; Lap band surgery; Heart disease; diet recommendations and so much more.

The fictional part of this novel is about a weight loss doctor who falls in love with one of his patients, and how the mysterious death of his office assistant’s sister changes his life and brings redemption to an otherwise shallow, hedonistic existence.

The following is an excerpt from a review given by Dr. Grady Harp, Amazon’s top book reviewer: “By incorporating the weight control information into a well blended story of finding one's true self, a solid love story, and a really fine detective tale, Shelton not only draws the reader into the hard facts he wishes to deliver, but does so in such a way that the seminars become personal experiences.”

READ C.D. Shelton's interview about this book.

By JANE GLENN HAAS of the Orange County Register.

WATCH a message from C.D. Shelton talking about I'll Take the Fat One and his educational book A Kid's Guide to being a Winner

Raiders of the Primal Forest

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

In 'Raiders of the Primal Forest', Jon Anderson a recent Ph D graduate in the field of Biology, accepts a position with a large pharmaceutical company. They have research facilities in the Amazon. While doing routine research he uncovers the truth about a curse that has plagued an Amazonian tribe in the region.

Tenderfoot Rider

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

Harvard-educated Boston CPA Buckminster Williams had always expected to end up in a big, suburban house with a partnership in a prestigious accounting firm and a safe, predictable marriage to the boss’s daughter. But when he receives word that he has inherited his uncle’s cattle ranch in Wyoming, a visit to see his new holdings leads him to wonder whether he might be better suited to life out West. With the help of two trustworthy ranch hands and the lovely daughter of a local merchant, Buckminster – now Buck – tries his hand at ranching, riding and calf roping. But some of the locals don’t take kindly to the new tenderfoot, and Buck discovers that he will have to overcome a plot by a nefarious neighbor if he wants to succeed in his new home on the range.

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