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A Kid's Guide to being a Winner

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

Illustrated by Greg G. Gillespie



This is child's self-esteem, inspirational, easy to read book for kids 8-13, and people of all ages. This book is a primer on values of being responsible, thoughtful, respectful, grateful and having a positive mental attitude which will help any child's self esteem.

Boosting a child's confidence will lead to better manners and a more positive self image. For each principle there is a short explanation followed by examples of how that principle works in life. This is a great book that can serve as a roadmap for guiding kids to better self-esteem.

"A Kid's Guide to being a Winner," is fundamental for a successful life.

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A Kid's Guide to being a Winner - WORKBOOK

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

Illustrated by Greg G. Gillespie


No parent or teacher should go without this fantastic addendum to the already popular "A Kid's Guide to being a Winner". The workbook takes the children through each section of the Kid's Guide and lets them particpate in questions, problem solving and other puzzles, using the strong fundamental ideas straight from the book.

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