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Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

In this young adult survival adventure, Wall Street executive Baron Hunt is sending his fourteen-year old son Morgan to the Royal Military Academy in Toronto because of Morgan's lackadaisical attitude toward school. En route, the plane flies into a flock of snow geese and crashes on the remote northern shore of frozen Lake Erie. When a raging blizzard blunts any hope of his immediate rescue, Morgan is forced to fend for himself. Meanwhile, a worried Baron attempts to rescue his son before the elements or other unknown dangers take his life.

Grinder Hill

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

Grinder Hill follows a young man's journey, as he navigates self-acceptance and romance while gaining awareness of a healthier lifestyle.

William "Billy Bob" Bobbitt is a 6'2, 303-pound football player on his junior college team and is self-conscious about his weight. With a Body Mass Index of 39, Billy Bob is medically obese. He decides to make a change to his lifestyle and eating habits. As he slims down, he attracts the eye of his crush, Joyce, as well as the jealousy of her ex-boyfriend, Joe Brett.

This book is EDUTAINMENT, where facts and fiction co-mingle to instruct, encourage, and entertain us all in one story.

The Bastard Son

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

Jonathan Winter, born in ignominy, overcomes his shameful origins with bravery and honor to rise to prominence in the kingdom. Born out of wedlock to a baron and assuming all title and wealth will be passed on to his legitimate half-brother, Winter sets his eyes on the Royal Navy with the intent of making a name for himself and winning the right to ask for the hand of his love, Lady Lydia, in marriage.
Winter quickly wins the favor of King Henry VIII with an act of valor in a lost battle with the French and his career is fast-tracked. He is given missions beyond his rank and experience, such as seizing French gold and rescuing captured British soldiers, and he exhibits his prowess while vanquishing his arch-nemesis, Commander Chevalier D’Aux, at every turn.

This tale of honor,bravery, and accomplishment interweaves real-life history to bolster the adventure of the story.