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C.D. Shelton is a Professor of Biology (emeritus) who has inspired college students for many years by sharing his passion and knowledge for plant life, nature, medical and health related topics.

C.D. Shelton began writing novels after being inspired by motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale’s CD, “Lead the Field.” The CD was a Christmas gift he received in 2008. Since then, C.D. Shelton has published ten novels and a non-fiction kid's book (A Kid’s Guide to Being a Winner), with an accompanying workbook.

C.D. Shelton used his extensive background in biology to write about plant and animal life in the jungles of the Amazon, in his first three novels. These books were written as a trilogy for young adults. The stories take place in the Amazonian Rainforest 13,000 years ago.

In 2012, he began to write short eBooks on health related matters that we call "Short on Time eBooks". His eBooks highlight information, solutions and/or remedies to current health issues. To get a glimpse, go to our eBooks page. To view all of them, go to our Amazon page.



As Publisher of Choice PH books, I welcome you to our website. And, thank you for considering our books.

Choice PH (Publishing House) was founded in 2009 by A. Danielle Shelton, DDS. We are a boutique publishing company featuring fictional novels in print and non-fiction short eBooks by C.D. Shelton.

We are dedicated to publishing entertaining fictional novels with an educational bent to most of our books. We take pride in our goal of interweaving a healthy and positive message with entertainment. A perfect example of intertwining educational, self-help with fiction, is one of our best selling books, I’LL TAKE THE FAT ONE.

In early 2012 Choice PH started Short on Time eBooks. These are short eBooks on different health topics—with a few exceptions. Our eBooks are designed for busy individuals with little time, who prefer straight to the point,

no-nonsense books, offering tips, solutions or remedies to many problems. Click here to go to our eBooks page.

To honor our commitment of producing informative, quality books, we are assisted by a distinguished group of fabulous talents:

Author Richard S. Reese, Editorial Advisor and graduate of Occidental College with a degree in English and Comparative Literary Studies.

Graphic Artist, Actor, Writer and Director Nick Bell, owner of Andronicus Design, designs our book covers, interiors and this website.

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