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Welcome to C.D. Shelton's first three novels. These books are what started it all. The Age of Eternal Fire, Journeys in the Primal Forest and Uprising on the Rio Jari.


C.D. Shelton used his extensive background in biology to write about plant and animal life in the jungles of the Amazon. These books were written as a trilogy for young adults. The stories take place in the Amazonian Rainforest 13,000 years ago. All three stories have strength, courage, survival, honor, love and friendship as central themes.

Watch the Amazonian Premonition Trilogy book trailer below!

Eternal Fire

Amazonian Premonition Trilogy Book Trailer

The Age of Eternal Fire


Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!


Thirteen thousand years ago man was just as intelligent as he is today. His belief system was based on his experiences, just as they are today. Loyalty and bravery are not unique to the present. They existed in the past when Etok accompanied his friend Batok on a perilous journey to recover their tribal god, the "Eternal Fire." The fate of the Deer People Tribe rests on their survival, which is not always certain in the unknown world of the Amazon.

Journeys in the Primal Forest

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

In Journeys in The Primal Forest, Batok and 10 year old Etik, Etoks son, leave on a perilous journey to seek contact with other indigenous tribes. Etik discovers he has inherited precognition abilities from his father. Batok finds love, but can his innovative skills save her?

Uprising on the Rio Jari

Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!

In 'Uprising on the Rio Jari', 20 year old Etiks precognition abilities, foretell of a massive destructive, raid, on the tribes of the Rio Jari. Time is crucial to devise an innovative plan to combat this sinister group of savage warriors, in their epic battle for survival.

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