On this page you will find a listing of C.D. Shelton's short ebooks. Many are on health related topics written for people who are "Short on time". These excellent and highly informative ebooks are factual, easy to read and contain to the point information, for the curious reader.

Below are a few eBook titles of what you will find by visiting our website Short on Time eBooks.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Is it the "MAGIC" Pill for Weight Loss?
by C.D. Shelton
Green Coffee Bean Extract is the latest discovery in the field of weight loss supplements. The key ingredient to Green Coffee Bean Extract is chlorogenic acid, which is thought to slow down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream. This translates into better fat metabolism, as the body is forced to switch to stored fat, instead of sugar as its primary source of energy.

However, there are some side effects that need to be considered. This ebook will provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision on whether this "Magic Pill" is right for you.

Mediterranean Diet: Eat, Drink and Be Healthy the Greek Way
by C.D. Shelton
The Mediterranean diet is one of the keys for anyone seeking a life of health and longevity.

This short and easy to follow ebook will highlight what the Mediterranean diet is and is not. You will learn which foods are heart healthy. You will learn which foods and fats will reduce blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health problems.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn the secret of the Greek Way.

Obesity an Epidemic: Solutions for a Healthier and Thinner You
by C.D. Shelton
Obesity in today's society has long range consequences on our life expectancy and health problems. Unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the major causes of heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few.

One of the problems with today's lifestyle is our reliance on convenience foods. There are millions of products and businesses that provide foods that are fast and cheap, and available in minutes. However, these foods come at a price. They lack the proper nutrients; loaded with saturated fats, high sugar content and excessive empty calories.

This book offers solutions to a healthier and thinner you. It provides specific tests to determine if you are obese, and what you can do about it. Correcting the causes that lead to obesity will ensure weight control, metabolic health, and a younger and energized you.

Fit to 100: Secrets to Health and Longevity
by C.D. Shelton
Healthy living, longevity, and maintaining health and wellness is within everyone's reach. In this short and brief ebook we highlight the key principles of people whose self discipline are allowing them to live to be one hundred plus.

This book on healthy aging highlights how calorie restriction, relationships, daily habits and more will help you live a longer and healthier life.

This ebook was created for the person who is short on time, and doesn't want to waste time with fluff, just facts.

How to Live Longer: Easy Steps to a Healthier Life
by C.D. Shelton
Anti Aging, healthy tips are given in this brief, no-nonsense and to the point book for the busy individual who is interested in the bare facts.

In this ebook you'll learn steps pertaining to caloric restriction, dietary choices, and managing stress to name a few, which lead to better health and living.