On this page you will find a listing of C.D. Shelton's short ebooks. Many are on health related topics written for people who are "Short on time". These excellent and highly informative ebooks are factual, easy to read and contain to the point information, for the curious reader.

Below are a few eBook titles of what you will find by visiting our website Short on Time eBooks.

Put Your Red Shoes On: How Exercise Extends Your Life
by C.D. Shelton
Is there a correlation between exercise and longevity? Can you be fat and fit, and live longer than somebody that is slim with a sedentary lifestyle? This eye-opening book on exercise discusses the latest research on how just 30 minutes a day or an hour every other day can gain a person up to 3 1/2 years or more of quality life. Exercise can even change your DNA to a “Younger” DNA.

This eBook, Put Your Red Shoes On: How Exercise Extends Your Life is told through a story by a father having a conversation with his reluctant to listen daughter, on the various types of exercises and intensity which can extend your life, help your mental state, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Know What You’re Buying: How to Read Food Labels
by C.D. Shelton
Do you disregard food labels because you don’t know what they mean? The purpose of this short ebook is to highlight the most common ingredients, preservatives, and additives found in packaged foods (since the FDA maintains a list of over 3,000 food additives manufacturers can use). Many of these additives and preservatives, including excess sugar and sodium, which could be harmful to your health.

This book is told through the lens of a mother shopping at a supermarket for her family. While the scenario presented is fictional the answers are factual.

After reading this ebook you will have a better grasp of food labels and know what people mean when they say, “Buyer Beware!”

Demon Rum: A Tale of Teenage Drinking and Driving
by C.D. Shelton
This is a tale of teen drinking and driving which focuses on two best friends attending their first big high school party. This story highlights how one teens decision to drink nearly costs him his life. The story and characters depicted are fictional, emphasizing the seriousness of alcohol abuse and how one’s life can change in one split second from one bad decision. The issue of teenage drinking and its ramifications is interwoven with factual data regarding the risks involved in drinking alcohol.

Diet Plans: What Works, What Doesn’t
by C.D. Shelton
There are many diet plans for weight loss being touted today from Zone, Atkins, Scarsdale, Paleolithic, and so many other diets. Each of them is centered on one of four categories; Low-Fat, Low Carbohydrate, Low Calorie, Very Low Calorie, and in some cases a combination of the above. This ebook will help you decipher which plan is right for you, which in turn will help you succeed in your diet plan goals.

You will discover the essential nutrients your body needs in order to thrive while implementing a diet program, not knowing can cause vitamin toxicity, and/or deficiency, dry skin, tiredness, and other damaging effects to you.

Read this for your success, because 70% of diet plans FAIL!

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements: Essential or Over-Hyped?
by C.D. Shelton
Every day you hear about how our nation is in a crisis in terms of our physical health. Two-thirds of our country is considered over-weight, and in many cases can be defined as obese. You hear about the rise of high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes, just to name a few. And what’s worse is that many of these illnesses are easily preventable with proper nutrition.

Which is where the vitamin, mineral, and supplement industry comes in. Due to various reasons we are not always getting the proper nutrients into our bodies. Vitamins, minerals, and supplements bridge the gap from what we don’t get nutritionally from the foods we eat.

Unfortunately, for many of us, we don’t know what this vitamin does or how that supplement will help us feel better. It might feel like you need a college degree in vitamins to understand everything.

This short ebook has broken down the various vitamins, minerals, supplements (antioxidants) in a simple and easy to read fashion of what a vitamin is, how it works in our body, and what specifically each Vitamin, Mineral, or Supplement does.

You will no longer look at the back of a vitamin bottle and wonder should I be taking this. You will be armed with all the information you need to purchase the right vitamins, minerals and supplements and in what RDA (recommended daily allowance) they should be taken.

17 Diet Crutches People Use: Try It or Skip It!
by C.D. Shelton
If you are planning to diet, this is a MUST READ! How many diets have you tried and failed? Don’t feel discouraged, diet failures are estimated to be 70%. This book examines the reasons for such high failure rates?

Could it be your “Diet Demons?”

In this short and concise ebook we examine 17 Diet Crutches people use in order to lose weight. Some work and some don’t. Learn what to try and what to skip–stop wasting your time and money…zero in on what works.