On this page you will find a listing of C.D. Shelton's short ebooks. Many are on health related topics written for people who are "Short on time". These excellent and highly informative ebooks are factual, easy to read and contain to the point information, for the curious reader.

Below are a few eBook titles of what you will find by visiting our website Short on Time eBooks.

Addiction: Understanding Addictions
by C.D. Shelton
The word “Addiction” implies that an addict does not have any measure of control over his or her behavior. Can their behavior be modified through therapy, medication, and will-power? We will explore this question and more in this eBook.

This book covers the topic of addiction in a conversation between a Psychology student and a recovering alcoholic as they attend a conference on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders), Impulse Control Disorder, Alcohol Addiction, Compulsive Overeating, Pornography, and Gambling.

These questions and answers are highlighted in this well-researched, and enlightened discussion on the true definition of “Addiction” and solutions offered by the medical community.

Aging: Oh, No! Do We Have To?
by C.D. Shelton
Understanding how and why we age is an on-going study in the field of Gerontology. As more and more people reach the golden age, health and age concerns come to the forefront.

This eBook ponders the question, “What is old age?” Is aging chronological, biological, psychological or a combination? Is science any closer to discovering the fountain of youth? Is there such a thing as immortality? This eBook will address these issues in a university classroom setting.

Pet Benefits: Are They Good for Your Health?
by C.D. Shelton
With millions of dogs owned in the United States, this ebook focuses on the most popular, smartest, and best dog for a family with children looking at factors such as size, temperament, and how much or little they shed, and more. In addition, this book highlights how to potty-train a puppy without harsh punishment, as well as examining the possible health benefits of owning a pet.

This ebook explores these questions through a lively discussion between a husband and wife, as they decide on the most beneficial dog for their family.

Genetic Disorders: Are Kids Out of the Question?
by C.D. Shelton
A genetic disorder is an illness caused by abnormalities in genes or chromosomes and is usually present from birth, although many of our adult illnesses manifest themselves as we reach adulthood.

When we’re falling in love and thinking about marriage and children, who thinks about the significance of the molecules we carry called genes (DNA) and the potential bearing it has on our children, good and bad?

This short ebook is told through a hypothetical conversation between a father and son, in which the discussion highlights chromosome disorders, gene mutations, and human genetics including dominant and recessive genes.

Retirement: Are They the Golden Years?
by C.D. Shelton
We spend our days working and dreaming of that moment when we can retire and do whatever we want (ah…the golden years) without thinking about the emotional, physical, and psychological ramifications of retirement.

Ask yourself this question, are you ready to retire or thinking about retirement?

This short ebook on the advantages and disadvantages of retirement is brought to light by Fred, who will soon retire from his job of many years. Fred discovers the “Golden Years” may not be so “Golden” after answering questions from his buddy on what he knows about retirement.

Sleepless: Insomnia & Natural Remedies
by C.D. Shelton
The past collides with the future as Jenky, the monster under the bed disrupts the sleep of a little boy. The very same monster that scared the father when he was a child. The author delivers his message on natural remedies for insomnia and straightforward methods one can take for a better night's rest through an amusing conversation between a child, father, and grandmother.