On this page you will find a listing of C.D. Shelton's short ebooks. Many are on health related topics written for people who are "Short on time". These excellent and highly informative ebooks are factual, easy to read and contain to the point information, for the curious reader.

Below are a few eBook titles of what you will find by visiting our website Short on Time eBooks.

More Greek Foods: Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
by C.D. Shelton
This Mediterranean Diet book features 34 delicious recipes ranging from snacks to mouth-watering meals. We've also made it simple for you to create your own Mediterranean dishes by including a 4-pyramid Mediterranean Diet Food list, where you can pick and choose your ingredients.

This eBook on Greek food and Mediterranean recipes also discusses the groundbreaking research released by the New England Journal of Medicine on how this anti-inflammatory diet helps reduce cardiovascular disease and Diabetes. The research also suggests that by lowering one key factor in your body, decreases your risk for major diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer's, just to name a few.

Water: The Essential Ingredient For Life
by C.D. Shelton
On Earth, 96.5% of the planet's water is found in oceans and 71% of the Earth's surface is vital for all known forms of life. We, ourselves are composed of 65% water. Previous civilizations have vanished from lack of water (due to droughts). Scientists in their search for life on other planets, check for the availability of water because water means life. No water, no life!

This eBook highlights the different categories of water, not only the importance, but the necessity of water for the survival of our species and Eco-system.

Learn how and why water is essential for our biological use such as metabolism, lubricants (Synovial, Pericardial, Mucus to name a few), and how it is used to transport substances through our body.

Protein: Are You Getting Enough
by C.D. Shelton
Proteins perform a variety of functions in living organisms, including catalyzing metabolic reactions, replicating DNA, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules from one location to another.

There are 22 standard amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, but we only use 20 of the existing 22. We synthesize eleven amino acids, however the other nine amino acids must be obtained from your dietary intake.

You'll learn about the dangers of too much protein and having too little protein in your diet. The role proteins play in hormone synthesis and the pitfalls of Anabolic steroids. Understanding proteins will help you make better dietary choices, which will help you maintain better health.

Carbohydrates: The Facts About Starches & Sugars
by C.D. Shelton
All carbohydrates provide the body with the fuel needed for physical activity, but not all carbs are equal. Learn why good carbs made from whole grains are healthier than bad carbs such as enriched white flour.

This short ebook takes a look at simple and complex carbohydrates, artificial sweetners, the role of sugars, and how to curb sugar cravings in an easy to understand manner.

Knowing which carbs are good and bad will help you lead a healthier life and possibly help you avoid diseases such as diabetes. Your outlook on "Carbs" will never be the same.

Mediterranean Snacks & Meals: Eat, Drink And Be Healthy The Greek Way
by C.D. Shelton
For those seeking a life of health and longevity, this Mediterranean Snacks and Meals recipe book will guide you to easy, quick, healthy, and delicious recipes for maintaining heart healthy living.

The content of the food in these recipes are filled with rich and healthy ingredients from the Mediterranean region of yesteryear. This recipe book has been updated to reflect modern health food options, while maintaining the richness of the past.

The Mediterranean Diet is not a weight loss diet, its a healthy living diet incorporating monounsaturated fats, which yield a heart healthy balance of omega 3s and omega 6s.

The recipes in this ebook include dips, snacks, meals with ingredients such as garbanzo beans, olives, tomatoes, whole grains, eggplant, spinach, olive oils, vinaigrette, and much more.

Try these recipes, and you'll enjoy eating the Greek Way!

Fat: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
by C.D. Shelton
So you want to know the skinny on FAT? These days it seems the word FAT dominates the news. But did you know that not all fats are bad? There are “good fats” essential to health, and there are “bad” and “ugly” fats like belly fat that are detrimental to your health.

This short eBook highlights what you need to know about fats. The ones you should minimize or never have in your diet. Which fats are best to include with your meals and how these fats affect your well-being, good and bad.

Fats, everything you wanted to know and more…