The Author

C.D. Shelton

C.D. Shelton is a Professor of Biology (emeritus) who has inspired college students for many years by sharing his passion and knowledge for plant life, nature, medical and health related topics.

C.D. Shelton began writing novels after being inspired by motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale’s CD, “Lead the Field.” The CD was a Christmas gift he received in 2008. Since then, C.D. Shelton has written nine novels (eight published), and a non-fiction kid’s book (A Kid’s Guide to Being a Winner) with an accompanying workbook.

C.D. Shelton used his extensive background in biology to write about plant and animal life in the jungles of the Amazon, in his first three novels. These books were written as a trilogy for young adults. The stories take place in the Amazonian Rainforest 13,000 years ago.

His three first novels are: The Age of Eternal Fire, Journeys in the Primal Forest and Uprising on the Rio Jari. All three stories have strength, courage, survival, honor, love and friendship as central themes.

In 2012, he began to write short eBooks on health related matters for SHORT ON TIME EBOOKS. His eBooks highlight information and solutions or remedies to current health issues. Visit his Facebook fan page called Healthy Living Now
where you can find daily health tips that are sure to improve your life.